Dec 15, 2016


I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who follows my travels, wether it be on FB, my blog, google + or Instagram. Just recently I've had some great personal messages which definatly go a long way in continuing to seek, explore and report.

I am very lucky that I've been able to travel and explore the past few years to some amazing places and with some bloody awesome people I must say. Most of these people are still in my circle ( or I'm still in theirs which I am grateful for ) but some have faded away for one reason or another.

We live in a lucky country here in Australia, we don't need permits to cross the borders, we have lots of wide open spaces to roam or camp and we are not controlled in where we go, how we do it or what we see. My trip planning is getting full for 2018 now and beyond-I love it.

Best thing to do is not say one day-go and mark a day on the calender and make it happen. It might only be 30 min up the road but it's all about doing it and seeing what we have out there. Even just for one night-get away.

All the best to everyone for 2018 and I hope to see you out there. Use this technology age to your advantage, plan your trips, post up some amazing pics but take time to turn off the phone and enjoy.