STATION CREEK...northern nsw

With summer coming on it’s time to hit the coast and find that special camp spot. Most people know of Pebbly Beach in between Coffs and Grafton, but did you know that you can access another camp area without going up the beach and risking the creek ?

Aptly named Station Creek campground it is located straight past ‘the bins’ on your way to Pebbly Beach. The campground has dedicated fire places and pit toilets. Firewood cant be collected within the park and all of your rubbish must be taken away- thats to keep the area clean and most feral animals away. At the camp grounds there is an easy trail through the sand dunes that leads you out to the beach via Station Creek. The water here is pristine and the sand is as clean as it comes. A great walk past huge Pandana trees, Coastal Casuarinas and small flowers that cover the dunes.Another walk takes you through areas of thick gums and coastal Waratah plants which are home to many pieces of birds. Keep an eye out for Coastal Emu's, goanna's, Whistling Kites and more.

For those after a drive and history lesson, grab a local map or ask the ranger about “The Keyman”, located deep within the park. He has just been restored and along with some great information boards you should come away a little wiser. By the way- if you have an old key make sure you bring it along and pay homage to this great man.

If your after some 4wding, try the Coast Range Road or some of the many roads that criss cross in the nearby state forest. 

Station creek was used as a meeting place for the local Aboriginal people of Yamba, Coffs and Grafton for hundreds of years.Yuraygir National Park got its name from the local language group which is sometimes spelt Yaygir. Artefacts have been found nearby dating back 1650 years ago and it's believed that the groups came together here for the same reason we do now- the peace, solitude, a little fishing and meeting of friends.