Dec 15, 2016

GEORGES CREEK...upper Macleay River

90 kms west of Kempsey there is a great getaway where you can widdle away days at a time beside the upper reaches of the mighty Macleay River.

This hidden gem is known locally as Georges Junction, where the Macleay River lets the smaller Georges Creek adjoin to begin its journey to the coast. The region is a large and secluded wilderness area with a rugged and scenic river system, which provides a habitat for an extensive bird and animal population.

There are no facilities (apart from a single drop toilet ) so you need to be well-equipped, there are plenty of excellent opportunities to explore this unspoilt environment from camping, 4wding, horse riding, fishing, canoeing and bushwalking. It is possible to make this a stop over whilst travelling from the coast to the tablelands.

Accessable by 2wd it is a great location for all. Take your swimmers, take a kayak and enjoy the water surrounded by ruggered mountains.