Nov 14, 2010


Well summer has finally hit and to get away from the tourist crowds we decided to hit local spot Friday Creek, or as the kids call it- The Rock Slide...
Just 20 mins out of Coffs hidden in amonst pristine rain forest, lies a creek that cuts its way through the Coffs hinterland. One section in particular has large rock pools, deep enough to either jump off a side cliff ( well a 15 foot bank !!! )... or slide down a smooth rock waterfall. We had a ball- building rock walls trying to stem the flow of the water, sliding in the refreashing water, and just generally exploring sections of the creek. The great thing about this area is that you just see a minimal amount of people up there, and when you do it is only the locals that really know where to go.
To get there head out along Mount Brown Road , then onto Island Loop Road to the end. At the very end you will find Dingo Creek Fore Trail. Go along Dingo Creek until the 2nd track on the right, then follow Charmodys Trail for around 4km until you see the Rock Slide down on your left. Park and enjoy. Great place to swim or even plank like the infamous Lesley Wratten ( Wyatt ) is attempting !!




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The beautiful Combangree/Gumbayngirr women's Birthing Pool the stories of Aboriginal Lore for the Moiety of Wongan which is the name of the southern Moiety or horde south of Coffs and North of Bellengen Moiety

See Solitary Islands - Orara - Bagawa People
Clans of Coombangree / Gumbayngirr Nation
Catalogue of References