When was the las time you went for an explore along the back roads to Bellingen ?…easy as down the old highway exiting at Repton and turning right just before the old Raleigh bridge. Stop at Perry's hill, a great lookout over the rally below and keep an eye out for the Norco factory sitting beside the river. A country drive through rich pastures full of dairy cows and country properties.  Bellingen is a great stopover for a coffee or to explore the town with its old charm buildings before heading home or up the mountain to Dorrigo. 

While the road up the mountain hasn't changed with its narrow winding path, the views along the way are nothing short of stunning. Deep rich rainforest, waterfalls and views towards the coast - the drive is well worth the effort. Dorrigo is famous for its world heritage listing where you can walk above the rainforest on the skywalk, stroll into the rainforest to Crystal Shower falls, there are may lookouts around the town, the amazing array of trains or the towns old world charm. 

Only 65km away from Coffs- the Dorrigo plateau is close enough for a great day out. Evolving from the eruption of the Ebor volcano- the whole area is rich in landscape and history. NPWS often hold discovery tours around the area that highlight what the area has to offer and how it was formed. Dorrigo NP is part of the Gondwana system of prehistoric and ancient rainforest areas.