You know its a sad day when an area such as the Coffs Coast shuts the doors on its history compared to other areas. This really hit home when we explored some of the Glenreagh to Dorrigo railway line on the weekend. We know there has been a massive push to get this rail in some sort of running condition- but honestly it will never happen as far as we can see. Out of the 13 old sidings or stations only a couple are still really accessible. One of the reasons behind this is lack of fires and back burning- the lantana growth in the hills is nothing short of disgusting. All because it was imported by some dill from South America some 100 years ago. 

And the sad thing is that when visitors do come here- they are directed to only a handful of places---the jetty, the big banana or Dorrigo !!!!......we actually send people out of coffs to another town.

For those who have been to Timber Town at Wauchope, you'll know how great even that steam engine ride was.

But here- the Carriages have been scrapped, bridges burnt, the growth in the line has gone too far, timbers are rotting- I mean there's even an old grave hidden in the bush, a rock/dirt shaker, theres even a gold stamper in the rainforest. . Old bunkers laying beside the road full of glass and rubbish. No signs for the ammo bunkers on the headlands. An amazing water race in the hills behind Coffs. We have nothing. 

We can say oh its too old- but the railway began its first run in 1924 making it only 94 years old. There are mines that go back to the 1880's all forgotten. Things like the stamper and say an old boiler should be in the grounds of the Coffs Muesum- but they seem not to focus too much on the gold era here. Yes I did contact them and suggest this- but it was just all too hard for them. 

Even the ABC featured the line in the early 80's.

Its a bloody shame. And if it wasn't for us 4wders- most of this would not be seen anymore to the general public. 

Here's a couple of short clips on what could of been.