Sep 1, 2015

TIBOOBURRA...exploring the town

After we explored the ruins of Milperinka, it was a short 40km drive further north to one of the remotest towns in NSW- Tibooburra. As usual we booked in at the local caravan park ( Granites ), which is really starting to show signs of its age, the usual stuff like crappy shower blocks, wrong info on boards, everything needs a paint etc etc. But l suppose it is close to town and the showers are hot- if you time it right. Also just bordering the park are some rock formation which are clusters of Granite rocks, which incidentally give Tibooburra its name, originating from the Aboriginals meaning 'heap of boulders'.  This place is getting more and more popular as roads get better to this area and i think people are realising that its not a hard place to get to, just need to be well prepared as it's still a remote area.

We have been watching some dirty weather for a day or two and as we setup camp the bloody wind started, so it was a necessity to peg everything down for the night !!.... The great thing about this park is that you can have a fire in the designated spaces tucked in behind some of the granite rocks, we tried but just couldn't get much heat from the fire. Had a few spots of rain during the night but not even enough to settle any dust. Speaking of rain, its reported that gold was found in the streets after heavy rain back 100 years ago.

After a chilly night it was a day to explore the town, but the wind !!!!...I have never known it to be so bloody windy or cold, it was just plain uncomfortable. Saying that we pushed through the pain and walked up into town, checking out the corrugated iron clad homes, the old outdoor movie theatre, through the main street and up to the Tibooburra Pioneer park. A great area set aside to understand why, when and how the early explorers went through this area. Perched high above the ground is a replica of Sturt's boat, there are other bits of farm gear, a steam tractor and more- truly amazing area to spend some time in. If you ever get the chance drop into the NPWS office, they have some great displays from the local area, they are located in the main street too. Lastly just down near the police station there is a huge old petrified tree that was discovered some years ago and dates backs thousands of years- so they say....

As the afternoon closed in so did the weather. There were reports that a rain event was going to hit the region so tracks would be shut down. We made a decision to pull camp down and jump in a cabin for the night- really didn't want to endure a night of high wind and rain- then have to pack up the next morning in the rain. All afternoon the storms came and went, but no big drama storms. It was nice to have a warm cabin for the night, tv blaring and coffee on tap after a great pub meal, and not to mention the next morning being able to jump in the car and head off without pulling down the camp !


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