PACKSADDLE....north to Tibooburra

I love Packsaddle roadhouse, its got a great feel and the staff ( sometimes backpackers ) are always welcoming. The burgers are great and suprisinglt they make real coffee !!....after lunch we headed further north where our next stop would be Milperinka. But just up the road there was a call to go and check out the extremelly dry salt lake on the eastern side of the highway. 
This salt lake is normally breaming with birdlife and amazingly just across to the west there is a fresh water lake, so close yet so different. We were buzzed by a local who were mustering cattle just up the road. Heading north on the Silver City Highway saw an increase in traffic ( apparently there was a big do at Birdsville ), and with the road going from dirt, sand then to tar we soon found a comfy speed limit to cruise on. 
Milperinka was the next big stop. Exploring the now abandon settlement ( but volunteers have restored the couthouse ) it just amazes me that we DROVE all this way to be here, yet over 100 years ago, people walked to here to start a new life in the search of fortunes- but its just what they did !!!!
Next stop- north to Tibooburra.

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