LEAVING WHITE CLIFFS....to packsaddle

After we did the tourist loop around the remote town of White Cliffs it was time to head further west. I’ve done these tracks before but in the opposite direction and its amazing just how different it feels going the other way. Leaving white Cliffs the roads were in pretty good nick as we travesered the white/red rock based road. Lots or granite in these areas thus the white landscapes. Dont get me wrong it was dusty but nothing a little space between the trucks wouldnt solve. There are a couple of high spots along the way which gave us a chance to stop - take in the serenity and grab a drink.
An hour into this section we passed the turn back to Broken Hill and Mutawintji national park, but we were heading further north west towards the Silver Citer Highway, on which we would pop out some 30 km south of the infamous packsaddle road house.
The next hour saw us pass several staions where healthy cattle roamed the bare ( to us ) plains, somehow they were getting enough nutrition to survive. Its funny out here as you only need to go over one rise and all of sudden the landscape changes to the typical stark red landscapes with stands of Mulga wood lining the road. Heading through Nundora Station I knew we were getting closer to Silver City `highway ( runs from Broken Hill North to the border ), and with the tyre pressures still low from the past few days dirt and rock driving, we cruised the tar northwards towards Packsaddle roadhouse where lunch was calling !!!!

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