Aug 28, 2015

WHITE CLIFFS......exploring

White Cliffs is an interesting place….underground homes, tight knit community and stunning views around this dry arid landscape. We had an amazing sunset last night, went to bed cold because it was too cold for a fire, better to be safe than sorry. The only problem with some caravan parks is that you hear other voices, people walking around and town noises. Now I am pretty tolerant but I cant say too many great words about a camping crew who at 4 am it sounded like they were packing up for an early start to the day- i mean fair enough no drama, so i get up at 5 as they are banging and clanging and to my amazement they arent packing up just cleaning their camping area to watch the sunrise and have coffee…. agggghhhhhh.
Have stayed at the caravan park before and its great, but l couldnt get over just how busy it was again, lots of big vans and flash 4wd’s- great to see everyone out here having a look.
Hot shower, fill up with coffee and pack was all done by our crew by 8 so we decided to cruise around town and stalk the locals. Well we would if we could see them !!!….up on tower hill lookout it was crazy to think we were standing on peoples roofs, in their back yards - l mean some had skylights to shoot the outside light down into their homes, others had pipe vents for fresh air or to let air out. Just saying - i wonder if anyone has dropped objects down the shoots !!!!!….just saying.
You can look across from tower hill lookout in all directions and this is a harsh part of our country, cant imagine just how hot it would get, but like last night it was bitterly cold. I was told by big Stevo that the temps down below stay around 24 all year.
In the distance we could see the mounds and mounds of the tailings ( ruble from the dugouts and mines ) piled up that looked like a mass of mole hills. It’s an old town, and this was evident by the stone buildings - may as well use whats around here !!

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