CORNER COUNTRY TRIP..... day 1 to 3

We are def pretty lucky to live here in Australia as we don't need passes, permits or other to travel around. 

Some 12 months ago several of us ventured out towards the corner of NSW, SA and QLD- known as Cameron Corner.  

Leaving Coffs our first night was Burrnen Junction known for its hot baths and free camping, There had been a lot of rain out here, so everything was in bloom with life everywhere. the Canola was as yellow as yellow could be, the bird life was amazing too.

PS... hope you dont mind but there will be a few pics, but dont they say every pic tells a story ??.

PSS... I will break it up into 3 day lots........

Burren is a good days drive from the coast, great to knock over the first day. From here we headed further west towards Bourke- def the last major stop before the outback. 
After fuelling up and grabbing some fresh supplies, we headed some 60km further west to camp on the Warrego River. This is the first sign of 'outback dirt'., red, sandy and you get the feeling of adventure. Camping here is free, and with a scout around you can always find some firewood. the kids tried catching yabbies to no avail but its all about having fun. 

Leaving the Warrego we headed along towards Wannaring and our camp at Tibboburra. A must do on this road is to lower your tyre pressures as it lets the tyres 'mould' over rocks and anything else on the road. 
Several stops along here to check out several freshly formed lakes, some have only had water in twice in white mans history so we were told, the old bore and windmill. Several of the lakes had more sea birds in than we saw at the coast!!... 
Recently a 4wd or small truck had gone past Wannaring and cut the track up, but thats part of what to expect out here.

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