Jul 4, 2018


I could start this by saying, “Far far away, or maybe, up in thar hills there is some great camping - but I won’t, because camping at Wunglebung is by appointment only and when the owners Katrina and Stu meet you at their ‘office’ you can see why they keep it so private. 

It’s not often that you enter a property’s driveway across a river but once you cross to the other side it’s a beautiful place. Campsites are limited along the Timbara River to keep the place private, clean and manageable.

After your shown to your exclusive camp the rest is up to you wether you want to relax, kayak ( that are supplied ) or explore the hills. Kat is happy to give you a rundown on the history of the station, advice on the drive up the valley or heads up on the 4wd tracks in the hills. This 2000 acre working cattle station has a serene feel to it and that’s the way they want it kept. There’s no hooning, no mad scrabbling off-roading, shooting, motorbikes or quads- it’s a peaceful place. 

It’s a bit hard to relax when you can swim, kayak or go platypus stalking, then there’s wandering around the old yards, relics and remains of the original homestead. Wunglebung is a photographers paradise. The kids will love the unique showers in horse floats and the tin dunny’s on the property. The kids can take their bikes and go crazy - BUT there’s no fishing as the Platypus and Eastern Cod are protected and stock levels are increasing which means Wunglebung is a safe and healthy haven for them. 

4wd exploring is possible up the valley towards Washpool NP. Easy station roads that leads you for an hour up into the gorge country and crossing the upper reaches of the Timbarra River into more timbered areas and then eventually to a gate where the Bi-centennial trail continues south. If your keen for a little more Kat or Stu can point you into the hills where you can tackle Billyrimba Trail in the nearby NP. Billyrimba is suited to high clearance 4wds as it twists and winds its way to nearly 700 meters asl. Midway along there are a handful of mines and some mining gear from the bygone days and the views from here are to die for. Looking across to the far plateaus, down into the valleys trying to work out what and where things are- it’s pretty spectacular. 

It’s hard to jot down the great things or experience that come from Wunglebung. For us it started with the drive when we left Tenterfield, the magic of the place to even now wanting to go back for more. There’s no phone reception, plenty of peaceful spots, has a billion star rating and very very affordable. If Wunglebung was looking for shareholders I know I would be one. 

The only way I can end this is by saying  - We will be back !!

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