Jun 28, 2018


I know a lot of my friends hibernate in winter but not me - for it’s the perfect time to go camping and if you think about it may work for you too. There’s rewards waiting when the temperature drops and it also has benefits for your mind and body. Don't be deterred when the temperature drops towards the zero mark, get out there, explore and be a winter camper. 

1…There’s less people. It sounds silly but most of my friends ( and probably yours ) take their annual leave around summer, battle with the heat, the crowds and then there’s the exorbitant cost of summer destinations. But just think, head away in winter to campgrounds with less if any people, you’ll have first dibs on showers, bbqs and the communal toilets wont be overflowing. 

2… Campfires. I mean who has a blazing fire in summer ?. At least in winter you can rug up and as you feel the cool winter air settle in for the night maybe just shuffle your camp chair little closer to the fire, and with the right clothing you’ll be as snug as a bug toasting marshmallows on a stick. A little tip here, go to bed warm and you’ll be toasty all night. Simple things like wear sox and a beanie to bed or sneak a hot water bottle into your sleeping bag.

3… It’s good for the senses.  With cool days and cooler nights nature tends to smell and look better in winter. Wildflowers stand out against dry gums, water in streams and rivers tends to be clearer and there’s less pollution in the air which means you can see better from high vantage points. Use winter to your advantage.

4… A chance to get new gear. It’s nice having the right gear to go away and to be comfy so this is the perfect chance to upgrade. Don't skimp on quality, ask your friends what they recommend, pickup a dedicated camping magazine, check out your local camping store or even head to the net where you’ll find a host of camping blog sites. 

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