Often I travel for days to find the perfect camping location but sometimes the best spots are right under my nose. I found Crowdy Bay National Park a few years a go and I’m a huge fan. Not because of insane 4wding or a mass of activities - but because of the peacefulness of the environment. At Crowdy itself you can explore the lighthouse on the headland or safely swim and fish in the bay, but my relaxation starts in the camping areas just away from the beaches. 

There are two camp areas, namely Crowdy Gap and Kylie’s - both having unique features. Crowdy is my pick where there are large grass areas, free bbq’s and an access track to the beach for a romantic evening beach stroll or an early morning fish. Just up the road at Kylie’s, the camp ground can get pretty busy in peak times but it does have drop toilets and there’s beach access for your 4wd.

A short stroll from the campground will lead you to Kylie's Hut. This timber slab hut was built in 1940 by a reclusive local, Ernie Metcalfe, for Kylie Tennant as a writing retreat. Kylie fell in love with the area and with the story that surrounded old Ernie. She wrote many books from this hut including one on Ernie called The Man On The headland. The hut has been restored by NPWS and there is walk in camping around the hut.

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