30 million years ago an ancient volcano located just near Dorrigo gave an almighty push from the realms of our great earth, and because of this we have some great 4wding and destinations to explore on the NSW north coast. A favourite to the locals is the Nymboi- Binderay National park located 60km west of Coffs Harbour. This National Park is full of history, activities, 4wding and has some great camping options. Although it isn’t 4000 km outback it is a remote area with no phone service, very limited traffic, no services all within some deep gorge country.

One stop to stretch the legs is the old town of Cascade, once home to several pubs and two steam driven timber mills that operated between 1925 till 1962. It is here on the right where you can explore the Cascade Case Mill. The case mill made ammunition boxes for the Second World War from local timbers. As you wander along the Cascade Trail there are numerous relics still standing from boilers, a timber chute high above the ground, old steam driven generators and even an old press.

Nymboi has three camping options. Platypus Flats which is the most popular option with campers, day trippers and white water rafters. The Cod hole is further down stream as is The Junction where you need 4wd to access due to the steep terrain.

Campers at Platypus Flats are directed to the far end of the camping grounds while day-trippers have their own area well away. There are several clean drop toilets here as well as firewood-sawmill off cuts that are dumped in a large fire box that is supplied by National Parks. As long as you pay your fee (National Park Standard $5 per adult, $3 per child), you can have a fire in the designated pits, camp to your hearts delight and even take to the water if you’re keen. Fishing is allowed here, but if you target the Endangered Eastern Cod, and your caught, expect a LARGE fine, these fish are protected. Great for canoeing, riding the rapids or just kicking back under the gums and oaks that shade the grassy areas- its an amazing place. Free gas bbq’s and several tables are provided for all to use, but you must take your rubbish away as there are no bins, this is a deterrent to the local wildlife, from the pesky resident goannas to the odd crow that is always after a feed. 

If your keen to explore more, a 10 min drive westward from Platypus Flats, lies the Norm Jolly Memorial Grove. Here you’ll be blown away from the monster 800 year old Tallowwood trees that are being preserved for the future. An 800 metre walk leads you in and around these magnificent trees, stunning tree ferns and rainforest. In fact within the park there are deep gorges, waterfalls and some pretty specie views !