Feb 7, 2016


Who would of thought that volcanic action some 50 million years ago could create such beauty as the heritage listed Dorrigo National park. We ( a crew from crossfit 2450 ) decided to head deep into the wilderness to visit Red Cedar and Coachwood Falls. 

Starting at the Never Never picnic area we looped around on the Rosewood creek track-steep, narrow and slippery this 3 hour loop track led us through pristine rainforest, past old red cedar stumps, stunning tree ferns, rare trees and deep into the Dorrigo Valley. Dropping down nearly 1000 metres we knew the walk back up would be awesome to say the least. Red cedar falls at the bottom is the largest drop waterfall off the Dorrigo escarpment and is def with the hike down. 

The Gumbayngirr people have called this place home for an estimated 7000 years. Do yourself a favour and make the effort-then you'll enjoy the beer even more afterwards !!!!