May 16, 2015


Over the years I have done many trips here and there, some people know and others not, but I have done several trips being a support car for some die hard guys on BMW bikes. 
These guys are fanatical, don't talk about Harley's or Honda’s as you may end up with a spanner wrapped around your neck !!!…no honestly we have had some fun times.

So we are really well prepared, the boys take their own personals on the bikes, and in the 4wd and trailer I carry the rest and the beer !!!. We always have a paramedic come along ( a good mate, but for good measure too ), he has been needed several times with one rider having a massive fall on the Plenty highway and having to get flown out and another hit a dry creek bed on the east side of the Flinders on another trip. 

Thought I might post up some bike pics first then get into different trip destination sections.

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