Dec 25, 2013

TO THE CORNER AND BACK...Milparinka-White Cliffs

Heading back to the Silverton highway we headed south . Pretty funny out here as this is a nationally recognised highway yet it changes between dirt tar and some very sandy sections. I had a special spot where I had camped before to have lunch.  Around an hour down the road - and very hard to find or even see are several massive lakes. A great place to stop for a break watching a variety of birdlife using the lake.  Back on the road we called into Packsaddle roadhouse which is like a truck stop come store, bar, place where you can camp or just grab a feed- very outback but cool. 

The plan was to head east from here ( yuck as that really means that we are heading towards home )....just down the road we jumped onto a minor road and headed towards Whitecliffs. The roads and scenery out here were fantastic. From very red sandy roads contrasting to stark white granite based plains. There were several plateaus that we crossed and got some great views across the plains. Emus were again aplenty out here, as well as a few dingoes as well as stock. 

Crossing several creek crossings I was amazed at how violent the flow must of been as trees are torn out of the banks, concrete buckled and massive dirt holes.  Arriving at Whitecliffs I was pleasantly surprised. The caravan park was great and cheap ( $10 per car per night ), very friendly locals with plenty of tree lined streets. We checked out the local NPWS office which is always great for displays, history and some local info. None of us had been here before so we decided to do a self drive around the town. It's very much what I thought with, underground mines, piles of rubble where the mines are, underground houses, motels and gem shops. It would be a harsh place to live I think; no permanent water source, one of the hottest places in NSW, middle of no where- no thanks. We did a small underground tour which was an eye opener- hats off to the people that call this home. Another great cross country day where we did around 300km.

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