So today we leave Tibooburra and the plan is to head south to explore the abandon historical town of Milperinka for the morning, before heading to another outback camp .It takes about an hour south along the Silverton highway. Located a further 2km west off the highway (mind you dirt highway ) Milperinka is like a step back in time. Explorers passed through here around 1844; where several base camps were setup- namely Tibooburra and depot glen. Soon after gold and other minerals were found creating a new gold rush to this harsh environment. 

Most of the gold was found at nearby  Mount Brown although Milperinka was establishes along the creek bed. It is great walking around the ruins here. Have been here several times and it still is amazing just what the early did out here for a life. Volunteers have restored the police station, court house and several of the gaol cells. You can freely wander through these buildings and checkout the memorabilia that line the walls and in the display cabinets. Wandering the main street you can still walk amounts other ruins that include the bank, post office, bakery and more. We don't know where they got it from but all the buildings are made from sandstone.

I wanted to take the crew further west to Depot Glen. This is where Sturt set up a base camp, beside a creek, but the men got sick with scurvy. His second in charge Mr James Poole later died here and they buried him under a local Beefwood Tree where a stone monument still stands today.

If you have time another piece of Australian history to explore is Sturt’s Cairn ( a large group of stacked rocks either used for a marker or monument ). The drive to the cairn takes about 30 min through Mount Poole station, well signed posted you still need to be aware of any stock out here. At the end of the drive there is still a 10 min walk to the top of the plateau to the cairn but the views are def worth it. It was built here by Sturt’s men as a morale booster after he set off to explore further inland as the conditions got worse after he left. This rock pile is massive- It would of taken the men days and days to build this thing. 

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