Dec 26, 2013

TO THE CORNER AND BACK...Yanda to Yarrie Lake to home

Last night was great here at Yanda, very quiet yet in the distance we could here pigs squealing and with the birds at daylight it made for another great outback wakeup call. Today was our last day on the dirt. We were only some 60km out of Bourke, so with a lazy pack up- and it was nice not having to battle the flies !!!! ( as we noticed that the further east we got the less flies there were- a local told us that when they have a frost out here it kills them off ). 

The road to Bourke had been freshly graded so it was easy to maintain 100kph. We all fuelled up in town and after a regroup we headed to Walget for lunch. I found today was bloody boring as I have done this road time and time again and it doesn’t get any better. Our destination was a fresh water lake just 24 km west of Narrabri. Yarrie Lake is believed to be a hit from a meteor and being a low area it simply just has filled up with water. 

Normally I camp either Burren Junction or down at Pilliga hot baths. But one of the crew had told us about Yarrie Lake. Camping fees cost $15 per night per car; there are hot showers, flushing toilets, can have a fire, all with direct water frontage— I love this place. If staying for several days you can head into narrabri to shop, explore Mount Kaputer or 5 km down the road you can visit the huge telescopes- free entry, history, hands on displays and much more.

So after two weeks this was our last night here, so with a big fire we spent quite a few hours talking about the next trip, our highlights and kicking back knowing that in 24 hours we would be back home—— I think there was some talk about not going home but to head west again !!!

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