CORNER COUNTRY TRIP.... around Broken Hill

To honest, I love broken hill- the people are friendly, lots to see and do, big wide streets and it just has a sense of belonging. I have been lucky enough to have been out here quite a few times and love revisiting the area. The plan was to visit several tourist attractions while we wound down for A few days doing the tourist thing.

It was great to wake up and not have to move on, pack up and do it all over again. Walking the main street, having coffee, visiting local art galleries then heading near the centre of town to check out the huge coal mine. Also called The line of lode, this mine in the heart of town overlooks Broken Hill and in some way or another probably employs most of the town somehow. They have a memorial for all the miners who have lost their life over the mines working life, it is a bit mind blowing as you read just how some of these men and boys died and how they died. Also close by is the Big Red Chair, some old mine gear that also over look the town, that you climb over and explore.

The next few days we checked out the old town of Silverton some 20 km out of town. Apparently this was the original settlement of Broken Hill before the big mine was found in town, all the gear was simply moved to where Broken Hill is now. Silverton is great where you can explore the old gaol, the pub where there are some mad max cars, galleries and more. Some 5 km out of Silvberton there is a great lookout where you can gaze further west over the Mundi Mundi Plains..very very vast as far as you can see...Def worth the drive out !! 
Driving into town I caught glimpse of a sign where camel rides were... Oh yeah.... Couldn't give this a miss !!!!

Another tourist attraction we visited was some local sandstone sculptures that had been carved from local stone by world artists. I was a bit disappointed that not more locals had  carved different themes out of these rocks. This place gets packed on sunset and sunrise as it is pretty speecy to see the sun rise or fall in the distance. Unfortunately just after we arrived a huge bus full of tourist turned up as well as a wedding party- there the breaks !!!!!

Tomorrow we head south to check out Menindee Lakes 

 Happy days....

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