CORNER COUNTRY TRIP...... menindee lakes

Due to the rain in QLD the year before we decided to head south some 150 km to spend a day exploring the Menindee Lakes. These are a huge twin lake catchment area that stores water for several areas before it feeds into the Murray River system. I  have passed down here before but never spent a day down here. Heading south from the Hill we soon found the turn off down near Wenthworth. Strait onto the dirt we decided to drop a little air from the tyres as most of the day would be on the dirt. 

Again we were amazed at the amount of emus that we running around, through the paddocks and along the road. There were also plenty of Shingleback Lizards on the road again. Soon we were hitting the lakes area, I honestly thought that the areas around the lakes would be greener, even the camp area we saw was very dry and dusty. We did think about camping down here, so glad we decided just decided on a day drive. 

The lakes are huge, even the channels have some pretty savage gullies in them, the bird life was amazing as we saw seagulls, pelicans, stocks and more. We checked out the overflow between the two lakes, massive amounts of water were gushing through. Defiantly amazing to see. The history of these lakes date back to the early 1800's !!! and are some 3 times larger than Sydney Harbour when at full capacity

We saw a turn to Kinchega woodshed and several tracks. What an amazing site. These woolsheds are massive, fully restored, all complete with pieces of machinery intact still all with that 'shearing shed' smell. I think we spent hours here before heading back to camp. On the way back somewhere we spotted across in a paddock a large hill with a rock mound on top. A near perfect circular rock structure we were not to sure what to make of it. Located nearby were bits and pieces of metal. Bit of exploring and we were none the wiser. Another hour or two and we were soon back at camp for a shower and dinner at a favorite pub. 

Another great day.....

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