CORNER COUNTRY TRIP... greenlakes to broken hill

Green lakes to broken hill 

Last night camping at green lakes was very peaceful, considering we were just.1 km off the main hi way that runs north from broken hill. After a casual start and some breaks we soon parted and headed south. I have been up here in this country a few times and camped on some local stations and love this area. Red dunes were still with us, yet the road seemed flat and barren. Our first stop was a little roadhouse come meeting store for the locals, called Packsaddle. This is like an oasis out here, they have flushing toilets, some great meals and a cold beverage is also found here. Just down the road is where the tar starts so the plan was to pump the tyres back up before the haul down to Broken Hill, where we planned on staying for several days. 

For several hours the road seemed to just be there in front of us, but in the distance we started seeing the Barrier Ranges appear. To the right of us it watched as we were in awe of these Ranges that came out of no where. We could see mines in the sides of some sections and even on my Gps it was also show mines, I presume eh were gold mines out here, bloody harsh country. A few goats out here but not a lot of anything.

The plan was to get to Broken Hill, book into the local big 4 caravan park on the western side of the town and relax for several days, taking in the tourist spots around the area. I have stayed here before, and while not overly cheap it is comfy, the kids will love it and it everyone is always friendly here. I think we arrived just on lunch time, and after a camp setup we caught up on washing, cleaning and some shopping. 

An easy afternoon before we hit the sights and sounds of the local attractions around Broken Hill.

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