Nov 5, 2012


After recharging our batteries and getting the last frozen loaf of bread in Tibbaburra we decided to head west to Cameron Corner ( where NSW QLD and SA meet ). Now we weren't to sure what to expect as there had been record rain out here recently, and the low areas still had some water laying around. leaving town we saw quite a few more Emu's close to the road and the surrounds.

We saw some water in the lower salt pans which was totally different to last years trip, flowers were still in abundance and there was a green tinge to the landscape- it looked great.

From the water run off across the road there were a few diversions and deep ruts around, but there were plenty of warning cones for us to see. The road surface out here goes from a gravely type to deep sand then into soft red sand in no particular order. The trip from Tibb to Cameron Corner is all of 135 km but a great breakout into the more desert regions.  Over several of the higher dunes we could see water further west due to QLD flooding and weren't to sure how far we would get.

After reaching Cameron Corner and spending time at the entrance reading the info boards on the NSW side we soon opened and passed through the dingo fence ( now called the wild dog fence  ) that runs for some 5,500 km from north to south entering into SA. One thing we did notice was the amount of Shingleback Lizards that seemed to be in plagued proportions, and in some spots we had to go around them on the road as they wouldn't move. The kids thought it was great teasing them ,Billi even had here thong bitten- was funny.

I think we spent a few hours at the Corner Store ( cameron corner store consists of a general store, pub, fuel stop, info, and great food is available ). Having been there several times before still doesn't matter as it is a great place to stop. We all supported the shop out here buy buying lunch, drinks, and a few souvenirs.

We heard that some 20 km further on at Bollards Lagoon that the road was totally shut towards the Strezlecki Track, so a decision was made to retrace our steps some 23 km and camp at Fort Grey.

Fort Grey is a great place to camp with enviro toilets, shelters and plenty of room for all.

After setting up camp we decided to explore on of the walking tracks over the dunes, and boy werent we supprised. A huge lake had filled up in the recent rain fall. But there were ruins, windmills, plenty of birdlife, information boards and relics in the bushes.

We spent some hours exploring and understanding the whole area before heading back to camp and a desert sky dinner.

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