Nov 5, 2012


Well another weekend at home and this time I thought I would add some more lighting to my camper trailer kitchen and storage area. Ebay is a great place to grab some parts, and after some research I found some strip lighting with 3M backing tape, get this a 5 metre roll from Australia, super bright white LED lights only $16 per roll !!... now thats cheap.

The plan was to face the lights downwards so the lights are not in your face and you can see what your doing. Along the top edge of my kitchen and cupboard storage areas l have enough room to run this tape, a simple hole in the alloy brace to run the continuos strip through was all that was needed. While scrolling Ebay l found a ( now dont laugh ) a remote wireless switch to turn any light on or off and even to dim the lights for a softer glow. This compact unit was only $6 delivered to my door !!!. Easy as wires in for the input and then wires for the output !!

So all in all the project took about an hour to run the wires around, tidy them in some conduit, clean up and then test them. I can tell you that l am pretty impressed with the amount of light they throw down inside the 3 bins that i have with cutlery, food and stoarge. Will def make finding things at night a little easier. Cant wait to try them on a trip. 

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