Glenugie Peak is approx 20 min drive north of Woolgoolga, and is well worth the drive to the top. This rock mountain has been pushed up from the lower ends of the earth, 100s of years ago. The whole mountain is made purely of basalt. Years ago , namely the turn of the century, rock was taken from here to the Coffs - Grafton railway line which is approx 8 miles to the west to use as balast. The day we ventured north 5 cars tagged along along with a good mate Ian from queensland, in his highly modified white gq patrol, meeting us at the turn off to the mountain. 

Glenugie Peak stands 315 mtres above sea level, and as the drive up is not difficult, you do need good ground clearance to safely make it to the top. The views up here are the best on the coast, you get a full 360' view once at the top. This is helped by an old, but safe, fire tower. Probably the only disapointment is that there is only one road, so we ventured back down the rocky track. Upon reaching the bottom we swung left around the base of the mountain and headed for Franklins road, which led us to the back of Station Creek. 

These roads were not challanging at all, so it was a nice cruisey drive to ridge road. Here we turned left and headed towards the coast , only to be confronted with some huge wash aways in the road. Seeing though all of the fourbys have some serious lift, these 4 foot ruts were just a walk in the park. Aarrhh, its great to have mud tyres when confronted with serious obsticles. 

After we all took the standard pics and watched each others driving styles, we headed further along this designated state forest trail. With a few trees down and a little bit of mud and water on the trail we all made short work through here. Considering we didnt leave Woolgoolga untill 2 pm, we were just happy to be out and about. Another good reason to live here on the north coast. From where we were, it was a fast forest road drive back out to the highway, which put us about 15 mins from home. Just another day on the north coast.

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