Over the xmas holidays Brad and family ( 100 series ), Dion & family ( gu patrol ), Boyley and girlyfriend ( gq shorty ), as well as my self ventured north up to the The Gorge. This place is a 8540 acre cattle station, that is open to the public ( limited numbers ), to camp, canoe and fish. Brad and Boyley headed up early than us, so when we arrived at our pre booked spot, it was a welcome relief to wander to the river for a swim before setting up camp.

The camping here is just spot on. We had "blueberry hill'', that overlooked the river and the mountains all around us, and this gave our camp any chance to any breeze. Saying this the days were extremely hot, with most days getting 40 + in the shade. mmmmm.... might go for a swim to cool off----- the water was like a warm bath-- spewing !!. 

This is a real nature lovers spot, where we saw all types of birds, snakes, some big serious lizards, and plenty of cattle wadering around the propety. The owners limit the number of campers to the propety, which is great, gives you the sense of being alone, ecspecially at night where the stars seem to touch the hills. At every camp the owners supply a big heap of fire wood to keep you warm on those chilly nights. Also as part of their touch, rubbish is collected daily and if asked the right way a fish report is available. 

The river is known for its bass and the eastern freshwater cod. Now unfortunatly for us the extreme hot days also bought some massive storms. We had a rain and wind squall one night, a mini cyclone another night and then to top it off an awsome thunder and lightning show another night. After a week of this extreme weather we decided to pack up and head home as it was a bit uncomfortable.

On the way home we decided to wander home a new way, which lead us west to Jackadgery, then a 40 km drive on the tar back to Grafton, where it was even hotter !!!. Seeing though we didnt stay for new years all had a great time, with it being only 90 mins from home..... I know i'll be going back ....

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