Well how good is our north coast.

It was short notice for a call to go for a quick night drive and being this time of year most people have chrissy stuff on. But not my mate Dion ( and family ), and a long lost kiwi, Mark ( and Tara ).

We started at Sapphire where the ocean is only 200 mtres to the highway. The start of our twilight drive started with a quick squirt up Nissian Hill ( a steep little hill i found last year ), and then we preceeded to head west through rainforest and a bit of our wonderful lantana. After doing a few slippery slide slopes, we had a coffee stop on the top of Rover Trail, overlooking the resorts of Coffs Harbour and north along the coastline- this was a pretty grand view as it seemed if we were on top of the world looking down upon all of the light s of the city. 

We decided on a little bit more adventure so we hit Mount Coramba, and did the hard stuff. One trail ( Commando) had noticiably got heaps worse since we have had a stack of rain recently, but true to our form we pushed on to the top. Heading to Morbid, Up and Down, and then Dump trail, we eased around this part of the mountain without much bother- but it was pretty exciting considering it was very dark. Mark and Tara left us here, so we started heading back to the coast through some heavily logged areas and some very moist bits of rain forest. 

After 4 hours of night driving we pulled the pin as some times the best trips are the short ones. Thanks to Dion,Deb-their kids, Mark and Tara, for coming out. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of the big kiwi..........................


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