Oct 16, 2016


Ever heard of Yantabulla on the Dowling Track?

Driven past a few shacks many times out here but never took much notice. This week I stopped to have a good look and in the same thought it was a amazing and a sorry sight to see. Out here on the Dowling Track, 160km NW of Bourke, once stood Yantabulla where there were several shops, cordial factory, post office and homes- a little community. Now there are run down buildings, car wrecks, farm rubbish and the cemetery across the road. It was abandon in the 50s and 60s but surprisingly there is still a working phone on site. 

Overtime the name changed from Yanta Bullen Bullen ( aboriginal for Plenty to eat ) to Yantabulla. Every few years the flooding rain from north QLD makes its way down to fill the swamps and Cuttaburra overflow in the area, or if the Paroo river floods from the west. Not much out here now. Its quiet, isolated and am sure it can tell many stories.