So I've just worked out why people get frustrated with this area and move away for work. I have been in this area for 34 years now, a lot of this time working either directly or in-directly with or for tourists. I have a local blog with an array of local 4wd and camping destinations with over 200 000 views, my google + account where l share the same destinations is currently around the 1.4million views worldwide, l have written two books on 4wding on the coffs coast, have hosted many DVD and TV crews for shoots on the coffs coast, written a host of travel destinations for national recreational magazines, held and organised quite a few 4wd and camping weekends for groups, have submitted touring maps and articles for coffs council and coffs coast marketing, been featured in Focus magazine with what l do- and dabbled in other similar areas. Sure there are other things l have accomplished. Know the area, know hot spots, know the walks bike trails, can setup activities, groups, events etc, can take half decent pics blah blah and a lot of it self funded. Been to uni for Tourism and Travel certifications, done my Photojournalism, Training and assessment, have a working relationship with the first class luxury accommodation etc.

So with all this experience there is no work here on the Coffs coast in the tourism industry for me----yet l get a successful application for tourism work in the west starting at $74,000 + super !!!

Go figure Coffs harbour tourism.....maybe its time to re-evaluate