Well the cars have been cleaned and already there is talk about the next trip away. On the weekend we ventured out to the Nymboi Binderay national Park- aka nymboida. While not a hard area to get to we decided to criss cross all the way out there. Tar all the way west to Dairyville before hitting the dirt up to Bangalore Falls for a 1.3km walk. Not much water flowing but a great walk in. Next stop was coffee at the Ulong post office cafe- if you haven't been out there- its a must do. From Ulong out to Platypus Flats the dirt road passes through stunning rain forest areas, plantation timber and old growth forests. We were surprised there was no one else out there which was a bonus for us. Camp setups were quick and easy. This time of the year the sun sets pretty quick behind the hills so it was all chairs around the fire to settle in and talk 4wd- inc Hema maps, tyres and even the tread lightly campaign came up. Next day it was onto the Norm Jolly memorial grove where we viewed some magnificent 800 year old Tallowood trees- these are just monsters. With a cruisey drive out the other side to Dorrigo, stopping at Dangar Falls then with coffee at the infamous Dorrigo Rainforest centre it was the end to a great weekend with a mad bunch of fellow tourers.