Heading towards Wannaring

After our time at the Pastoral Museum it was time to hit the road throught the Sturt Stoney desert towards Wannaring. l like this drive- some 240 km of straight sandy roads that have no end in sight, no run off gutters, no fences- just the road fading off into the distance !!!…..no honestly it is so bloody boring it isnt funny- maybe thats why i lke it. The road was in pretty good nick for a change, considering just weeks ago it was shut due to flooding. We did see paddocks that were still water logged and some good run off damaged sections on the side of the road, but that was it. A little traffic a little wildlife but that was it. I mean it was that boring that there wasnt even any banter on the `UHF between us….nothing.

Took us around 4 hours to do the 240km, seems strange but that time frame seems normal. Hitting the one shop town of Wannaring was a welcome sight as this would be our stop for the night. I was told of a camp down by the river oppsite the sportsfield, so it was off to the ‘shop’ for some local info. The folk out here are great, they normally offer great honest advice. Asking at the shop, we were told that we could have a shower next door ( bit like a caravan park ) for $3 then head out of town to free camp !!!!…The showers here arent real flash, but the water is hot with plenty of pressure and after a long day they were perfect. We wandered east out of town some 3km and found a little random track that took us down beside one of the Paroo River billabongs. It was nearly a perfect campsite, plenty of good firewood, right away from the main road and out of sight, free, protected from the elements - just a sereal setting. Only thing that was missing was our mate Steve and a few yabbie traps !!!!

I think it was tonite that we realised that the trip was nearly over, because tomorrow somewhere we hit the tar, adjust the tyre pressures and battle traffic as we get closer towards the coast….ewww. Just on tyre pressures, i found that on this trip my perfect pressure was 24psi on the Cruiser and 20 psi on the trailer......

So camp was setup, fire lit and the chairs were filled as we reflected on todays drive and the amazing countryside that we have seen the past week or two.

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