Exploring Mount Woods Pastoral Museum....heading towards Wannanring

So the plan today is to head east towards Wannaring and see how far we get for tonites camp. But before we get too far i wanted to pop into one of my favourite places 25km east of Tibooburra. The Mount Woods Pastoral Muesum is a great place to stop and look at how the early settlers developed and worked the land out here. 

You can get up close and personal with the gear and see how horses could draw water up from the ground with the Whim, there are wool scours, Tommy scoops, a well bucket, steam driven gear and much much more. I take my hat off the early explorers and settlers trying to make a life out here in this harsh landscape. Life was tough !!...

National parks have done a great job in getting all this gear together for a little more undersatnding on how things were here. We didnt do it this time, but you can also walk across the bridge to access the Mount Woods shearing shed which sits quietly in the paddock.

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