Jul 24, 2015


Back to the trip —— our plan was to camp here and explore the local sights today that included the Narrabri Telescopes just down the road, before heading further west to Pilliga ( 60km westward ) to await for Steve that afternoon. 

There are 6 x 22 metre telescopes here on the site, as well as an information centre, 90 odd old dish’s all looped around the property and some hands on display pieces. This is always a great 
spot to spend an hour or two. Actually we were lucky enough to see the workers move one of these  big suckers along the track and were quite amazed just how quick it did move. 

Wasn't long after we setup camp amongst all the grey hair nomads at the Pilliga baths and Steve soon found us, quick howdy and it was into the warm baths of Pilliga to relax and chat about what the next two week trip would bring us. Would it be joy ? sorrow ? who knows……tbc

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