Jul 24, 2015


Its been a while since I have reported on a big trip but just a few days ago I wandered in the door from another epic trip. Was trying to think of a name for the trip because there was only three guys and their rigs- which sounds a bit odd but it is what it is, or it was what it was.

A call out was given and two legends came to the party for the trip. Big Steve’o in his Offroad truck and skinny mini Andy in his Aussie swag ( I have a heater so ill be as warm as toast-but please dont complain about the noise cause your jealous !! ) camper, ( joking buddy, joking ) I would be towing my new Predator Viper camper, compact with punch, this was going to be a trip to test all.

My drive from the coast up the mountain to point A was uneventful. Decided on a 7 am start from the coast and with a quick fuel stop at Wauchope ( next refuel would be Bourke some 900 km away ) and  I was soon blasting along up the mountain on the Oxley highway. Needed a leg stretch so a quick walk and 50 burpies at Apsley Falls l was feeling very refreshed, or maybe it was the crisp clean air with the temp hovering around 2’ !!!!!. If ever you pass by here it def is a must stop and look see !!!!….deep deep gorges with walks, picnic area setups and even camping is available nearby. But time was ticking away so l was back in the 80 and humming along. 

Meeting point in the original plan was the hot baths of pilliga- no wait that came out wrong !!!!!……well at least the campground. But It turned out that both Andy and l were keen to start the trip early so we decided to meet in a back alley ( only because it was near Coles, the shop not as in Colin !! ) in Gunnadah for a quick shop before heading to Yarrie lake just outside Narrabri the day before Stevo was going to meet us. 

This lake was reportedly made but a meteor smashing into the ground thus causing the round shaped lake, not real deep but deep enough to run speed boats around. This is when there is water lapping the shores !!!—— I have been coming out here for a number of years and this is the first time I have seen this sucker bone dry !!!. Bloody amazing. We have caught yabbies in the lake with an opera house net, and the bird life is normally amazing here too ( but this time there was nothing - you’ll just have to take my word !! ). The camping here is great, $15 per campsite, anywhere around the lake, you can have a fire and collect wood in the local forest if the timber is on the ground. If you camp near the caretakers place there are hot showers and flushing toilets included in the price. Dotted around the lake are a few shelters with fresh water taps for those day trippers or even the campers. 

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