Jan 11, 2015


As you can see from the heading it's why do I go camping, as supposed to why do we go camping. Why ??.... Well it's the age old debate about anything, ask ten people about a subject and you would normally get 10 different answers.

So why do I ????

I have thought about this at length over time, and honestly probably there are several different reasons. When I get away I definatly have my favourite spots that are either pristine or hold some great memories that keep dragging me back time after time. Some of these areas are close- you know within several hours of home yet others are a days drive. 

Another reason is that I like to get out of my comfort zone sometimes which is good for the soul and mind. It would be easy to say fly out to Uluru, stay at one of the resorts and enjoy that desert area ( while there's nothing wrong with that ), I prefer to spend a week getting there, exploring new and different areas then arrive all ready to suss out the destination. 

Time and time again I hear- "oh there's nothing out there, I would rather go to Bali"........ 

Yep it is cheaper sometimes but I find that the journey out to a new camping area with like minded friends is a fantastic bonus. Sitting around a campfire chatting about life, watching amazing sunsets and the mass numbers of stars is something that can't be explained - it has to be experienced. And ( I know your not supposed to start with AND ), I enjoy the company of selected people on a trip, no fights, no dramas just great company out there for the same reason. Sometimes its the silly things ( safe and def legal ) that you do or happen on trips that really make it too- 'what happens on a trip stays on the trip !!!!!'

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