Sep 8, 2014


Years ago there wasn't much of a option in the relation to purchasing a camper trailer. Now there are literally dozens from el-cheapo crap ones that a pre schooler could break to over the top high end dollar units. They all have a market in our world now. It seems more and more are getting imported from china as a kit form and getting assembled here in Australia- hence they can claim they are Australian made. They use cheap Chinese thin steel, crap canvas, have dodgy wiring and when sent out from factories there def is NO quality control. These units still have to be compliant to Australian standards but upon research this has been a grey area for some time.

Yet there still is a huge demand for these units, but surprisingly there still is a demand for Aussie made units using Aussie gear. They have good quality steel, decent fittings, the companies offer top customer service and more. 

An interesting article to read. 

If considering buying a trailer you need to do your homework. Buy the best you can afford, don't be fooled by cheap arse DVD clips, ask questions, jump online and use google or even jump online to a camper trailer forum. 
There is a guild of Australian made campers that are made to a very high standard and getting on this list isn't easy, but you will know that they are here to stay and offer decent quality units with the whole package.

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