Sep 1, 2014


I feel pretty lucky living here on the north coast. On hand there are some great beach drives, historical POI, the bush is def really close and throw in some world heritage parks there is always somewhere to go. The weekend saw me travel 2 hours south just past Port Macquarie to a newly opened feature in Burrawan State Forest. The easiest access is from Bago Road that heads from the pacific highway into Wauchope. Leaving the Pacific highway it's only 5 km along before the tell tale signs that you need to turn right into the forest. 

The roads in here were surprisingly well maintained and there are plenty of signs to direct you the 2km to the parking area. 

Arriving at the car park I was very surprised with the huge open air shed that is obviously here for talks from either State Forest or even local indigenous people, the Birrpay People who are the local custodians. There are pit toilets here but no camping here in this area. That seems funny as camping in State Forests is normally allowed. 

I saw a feature on this park recently on TV and the highlight was a newly opened up 600 metre pathway loop that passes a massive old Bottlebutt Tree, in fact a Bloodwood tree.  The pathway is an easy stroll, even for those who are a little unfit, there are several bridges that cross small creeks in a jungle of palms and once you get to the tree there is a seating area and raised platform to admire the tree and to protect the root system. I mean this tree is bloody huge. It's claimed to be 54 metres high with a diameter of nearly 5 metres. This tree is that unique that it has gained a place in the National Register of big trees and the International register of wide girth trees. 

This is totally accessible in a family car and I believe even tourist buses can get here too. I think it's a great opportunity for those who haven't got off road vehicles. So I did no 4wding here, just a simple day out from home, saw something interesting and learnt something new viewing these massive trees. Sorry about the pic quality too, Iphone pics.

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