May 3, 2014


On the to do list is to make the trailer a little suitable for what I need, these mods are nothing wrong from where the trailer is, just tweaking to my way of things.

  •   A courtesy light under the step inside controlled by a dimmer
  •   Re-align the stud clips for the door that don’t line up
  •   Reinforced protective corner strips for the tent
  •   Remove the side seating for more internal room
  •   Relocate the 240 charger to inside the electrical bin
  •   Relocate the inverter so it is more user friendly
  •   Replace several fiberglass poles to metal spreader poles
  •   Re-carpet the floor to a darker color to marine carpet
  •   Carpet the front of the white seat inside
  •   Reinforce the tent where wear holes and marks have occurred
  •   Reinforce the water lines
  •   Install a hand pump in case the 12-volt pump dies
  •   Install wind deflectors around stove burners


 Relocate the 240v outside box and replace it with a light

This morning was an easy one. Unbolted the outside 240 box, took the template to my local boating shop to make sure that the outside light would cover the existing hole. For $14 I got what I was after. 3 holes later and a little silicon the light was on. In the pic with the light, it doesn’t look right, but it is all flush and sealed up. Am happy.

Install fire extinguisher inside the camper

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