Well our mate mic ( GQ LWB patrol, 4'' lift, 2'' bodylift, 35'' tyres ) and hac ( SWB Maverick, 3'' lift, 2'' body lift, 33'' tyres ) havent been out since they came back from Cape York and it seems they were getting a bit toey- whats the remedy ??...... go straight outto the hard stuff. I tagged along, as well as boyley ( SWB Patrol, 5'' lift, 2'' body lift,35'' tyres ) . Well we got to Broken hill and found with the recent rain we have had it certainly has rutted this hill out..COOL !!!! Mic had a big crack at this hill, and nearly ended up in a big crack- 'spewin'. Boyley and myself went straight to the top ( love those lockers !!). We played around in the Woolgoolga hinterland for a few hours on tracks ranging from rocky, clay rutty ones and shitty single line bike lantana encrusted trails. 

Ended up doing "Powerlines" in reverse, the boys in the swb cars picked up wheels big time, gave a new meaning to Brown undies !!. The red clay road out of this section is littered with some big 3 foot deep ruts, gave every body curry but no major problems. I think we did about 40 kilometres all day, we were no more than 8 kms away from the pacific ocean all day, and we were out for 6 hours- how good is that !! Our mate sando ( GQ LWB 6'' lift, 35 '' tyres ) joined us later in the arvo with a ring in mate in a stocker 80 series. Did a bit more fourby action but with the sun starting and a storm brewing we all broke ranks and trundelled our own way home. What a day, great tracks, no major recoveries, no damage, and yet so close to home. 

The only thing we had to complain about was the fact that with our recent rainfall the bush is growing so fast it is slowly closing in all of the tracks. No track maintenience is done up here until it is to late, ie, when the desinated roads totally get closed in by the bush. We never see any State Forest or National Park crews in the bush doing any track clearing, yet they want us to pay for the privilege of driving in the bush. Most of the Woolgoolga Offroad crew opened up tracks last october after our big storm- no body asked us to do it, no money came our way for doing it- yet we only though that it was fair as we use the tracks all the time. Anyway that was another great day on the Coffs Coast.

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