Glenugie Peak
gps points.. 29.49.49

In search of another destination, we ventured along the pacific hiway, about 60 kms north of Coffs Harbour. After a right hand turn into franklins road we found ourselves in Glenugie State forest. The drive through the forest to the mountain is very easy, the only obstacle you might find is the odd stray brumby. The history in this place goes back to about 1912, when ballast was collected from this mountain and used on the Coffs to Grafton railway line. If you are prepared to get out and explore the are still remains laying around. For example, bands, chassis rail, foundations and much more. 

As you drive around the base of this awe-aspiring mountain, you wondrer why it is here, as there is no other examples of this cause of nature to be seen anywhere. The drive to the top is pretty tricky, you will need good ground clearance, and it is 4wd only. But once you get to the top it is purely magic.With views stretching for hundreds of kilometres all around you. What makes this even better, is the old timber fire tower which still stands. This was a great day out.

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