ST GEORGE QLD exploring with Camper trailer Australia

A lot of people may not know that there is a bucket load of history in western Queensland and you don't have to travel for days to find it. Just 520 km west of Brisbane, or a good days drive, is the quiet town of St George in the Balonne shire. Major Thomas Mitchell camped just below the present day weir back in 1846, and when his party crossed the Balonne River it was Saint Georges day back in his home country, and thus the township of St George was named. A stone memorial and plaque has been put in the exact spot where Mitchell camped and can be found at most times when the river is at normal levels.
Getting to St George is camper trailer friendly too with all tar access from Brisbane and surrounds, you don't need an off-road trailer out here as the roads are generally in good condition yet they may seem long, straight and narrow but there is always plenty to see. The camping options are pretty awesome too with free camping up near Lake Kajarabie 20 km north of town, or head south and camp at the infamous Nindigully pub and true riverside camping just 9km north of town at Kapunta Fishing Park on the Balonne River.
The whole story is out now in the Summer edition of CAMPER TRAILER AUSTRALIA magazine. 

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