In this months ( Sept 2016 ) thanks to 4X4 Australia mag read about the Border Ranges only a short drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast

Most people cringe when you mention National Parks, they start yelling things about locked gates, no access, no fire wood, no 4wding and no fun and even more yelling occurs when they are World Heritage Listed. But they probably have never been to the Border Ranges that separate NSW and QLD. These ranges ‘developed’ several million years ago when there was major upheaval under ground that pushed a massive amount of earth towards the sky. The most significant feature in this area is Mount Warning, a largely eroded volcano that is now estimated at half its original size. National Parks declared this a World Heritage National park back in 1986, listing around 50 rainforest reserves making it one of the largest most extensive in the world. They have gone to great lengths to offer a wide range of activities in this park, and needless to say 4wders and campers are more than welcome.