Tenterfield is located in an area primarily devoted to sheep and cattle-grazing, though timber, mixed farming and tourism provide other local industries and is home to some 3,200 people. The Rocky River trip starts just right in the heart of town as you wander down the aptly named Scrub Road then into Billirimba Road. Now there is no need to panic as you traverse this tar section for some 5km as the drive out here passes some historic old homes and farms. Keep an eye out for abandon farm and transport implements as they sit quietly in the paddocks. With minimal moisture in the air out here rust seems to stay away leaving metal alone. With long straight tree lined sections of dirt you can gaze across the paddocks with views towards the mountains in the distance, views to die for. Being out here the best thing to do is to slow down, enjoy the surroundings and switch your lights on. 

With Quilgeran Pinnacle to your right and Black Mountain to your left you feel pretty small as you follow the road as it snakes through the terrain. Soon you pass through the locality of Steinbrook, not much anymore, just a big kink in the road with several 90 degree corners !!. Just out of town the dirt continues as you cross the Cataract River, here you are greeted with stunning views across fertile farmlands, with mountain peaks in the distance- the views are just that good. From here on you pass through a host of private stations, breeding primality cattle but some sheep in these valleys, the station owners like you to stick to the established roads, but there are several pull over spots on higher ground for photos. For 15km you will rise and fall between between 600- 800 metres above sea level passing old farms, used cattle yards and through working stations, give respect to the farmers out here with a friendly wave and slow right down as they don't appreciate the dust and some still muster on horseback- you don't see that everyday away from the outback !!.  20km along the Billirimba Road it slows right down as it winds its way down towards Rocky River.