There’s been a flood of 4wd gear on the market the past few years and we've seen some great products sink into the background due to this. But one company hasn't let this demise their products. Rhino Rack Australia has grown from strength to strength for nearly 25 years. Theres nothing like real life testing so l took the plunge and bolted a Rhino Foxwing to my new custom made trailer just days before a strenuous 3 week outback trip. Rhino think of everything. From opening the box and reading the simple installation instructions l found that there were adaptor parts to suit a host of different roof rack types, good quality nuts, bolts and mounting hardware. Now while normally the Foxwing bolts straight to your roof rack, mine needed no modification at all to mount to the two arms on the trailer. 

The quality in the material is typical Rhino Ripstop Polyester canvas, waterproof yet light weight. Also included are hi-vis quality ropes and decent size pegs that won’t bend or break the first time you knock them into the ground and are all contained in their own seperate bag. The more you look at the Foxwing the more it screams quality from the UV waterproof external bag, rustproof fittings down to the lightweight aluminium cam-lock poles and even these come in their own travel bag. The awning itself is waterproof, UV stable and mould resistant and believe it or not it comes with its own drain tube to collect any water sitting on the awning. A great feature when camping to collect your own water. 

Setting the Foxwing up every night wasn't a chore on our recent trip, in fact l looked forward to it. It’s a one person operation, two if it is very windy. Unzip the bag walk the 4 arms out and set the four poles up. It’s that easy. If by any chance there is a breeze about its recommended that you use the ropes and pegs. With a simple 2 minute setup it gives you 270’ of undercover protection. We had frost, several big dews, rain and sun belting on the Foxwing in the outback and it took everything in its stride, in fact we had more dust inside our 4wd than what there was in the awning bag day after day on dry dusty outback roads. 

What I liked about it was that you can pack it up damp and it does dry out due to the polyester canvas. Also available to make the Foxwing more versatile are wall kits for privacy or extra protection from the elements and full LED lighting kits. Options are available for either left or right hand side vehicle mounting and it comes with a one year warranty. 
I love my Foxwing awning !!!!