Jun 27, 2016


Considering Coffs lies at the intersection of the Tasman Sea and The Great Dividing Range, there are plenty of challenging tracks not far from the hub of town. Prominently the centre of these tracks would be Mount Coramba, in which just 10 mins from town it juts up some 600 metres above sea level. There are plenty of extremely challenging tracks that surround the mountain. Most of these tracks demand respect. The basic requirements here include big tyres, suspension lift, a locker or two- and experience. A full day can be had here cruising up one side and down the other side many times. With serious angles, big ruts and the odd boulder thrown in this mountain demands respect.

Track conditions change depending on traffic and weather conditions. The Coffs hinterland is scattered with great off-road high energy tracks that will test any driver or truck. From Bonville in the south through to Woolgoolga in the north-the list is endless on where these designated sign posted roads are. The best way to find these extreme tracks is to head into a local dedicated 4wd shop to seek advice or contact the local 4x4 club.

Keep in mind when tackling these monster tracks that you should carry the proper 4wd recovery gear, have proper recover hooks on your vehicle and explore the area in safety with at least one other vehicle. With track names like Broken, Dump, Widow maker, Impossibles, Commando, Rocky or Perseverance-one can only guess where the name came from. If in doubt seek some local advice or assess the track before driving. If winching is required please use a tree trunk protector as we want to preserve the wonderful areas that line these tracks. Most of all drive to your ability and stay on designated roads because we would hate to see them shut down.