Been asked a few times what I read and where do I get my info from. Well its from a variety of different sources, from reading, getting out and about, taking every chance I get offered, using what I have and talking to people. 
So I thought I would list a few different sites that I love to read from and learn from. I must say these are in no order because it depends on what I am doing at the time as to what I am reading. These are just a few that I frequent often for inspiration.….Ant and Jane are home town locals and as you follow them on their travels you realise that they are down to earth folk just like you and I. Great photos, sensible advice , product reviews and fun times …. a great website dedicated to those with camper trailers. The people that frequent here have a wealth of knowledge from campers, blogging, cooking photography, general know how, to ebay deals and can pass on some great advice. …….the Paveys have vast knowledge of travelling, everything 4wd and more. I have noticed that when things get serious they always find a funny side or just work things out. A great website that needs to be read with product reviews, experiences and great campsite destinations. 
. …some people love them and some people hate them, but their site holds vast array of info from closures, points of interest to history and more. Always fresh and updated its one not to be missed.
. good old Mr Google. Just google it and it will appear for you to read and make up your own mind on destinations with pics or just down right advice, normally good but the bad and ugly can rear its ugly head too. 
. ARB 4x4Action magazine. I still love the feel of paper in between my fingers and this magazine is one of the best. Yes they do advertise their products to the max, but the quality of the magazine, the reviews, the spec rundown and the destination stories are just great. For example; this month they do several pages on photography with tips, hints and secrets. And you know the best thing about this mag ?????…….It’s FREE !!!!! I am not saying just because Pat is a mate of mine, but this website and free online mag is nothing short of great. They use the best photographers, the best gear and try to use Aussie made gear when they can. A true and honest opinion on most things 4wd. . if your like me and love a bit of fishing, its getting harder and harder to catch anything that swims. Local identity Scott Amon has been producing Fishlife mag now for several years. Well the good news from last week is that the magazine is now free online. No email signing up, no do this and get it free—- just FREE. Def worth while to have a look. Unbelievable photos, great advice and a host of celebrities doing what they do best. 
So this is just a few of my favourite places that I like to stalk around, but also look back through my photos who I have been around with and where we have been. But the best thing that I have that I can use- is the 4wd sitting outside and great mates who share the passion.