May 1, 2016


What an amazing day for the first day of May !!…..

We started off with a warm yet cloudy day which allowed for some great photos and with the recent rain there was little dust as we headed up into the hinterland from the sleepy locality of Dairyville in the Orara Valley. Entering Bindarray National Park, we enjoyed the simple things from the start- the windows came down and we could here the sweet sounds of the whip-birds and the occasional call from a bell-bird. This old growth forest has some amazing stands of timber and stunning rainforest pockets. The rainforest was looking alive with a little rain overnight. The roads to Bangalore Falls are great touring roads as you head up the mountain and down to the picnic area, and with a easy 10 min stroll along the formed paths to the viewing deck- the falls were pumping with a great flow of water. 

Wallabies, snakes and the odd brown pigeon were spotted as we headed towards Ulong for a well earnt burger and coffee. Steve and Carol at the Ulong post Office Cafe make all their own cakes and slices- and I can tell you they are superb !!…..

With a full belly and a little time up our sleeve we decided to head into Lowanna, A normally sleepy village, Lowanna was once a bustling area when the Dorrigo Glenreagh railway was operating. Volunteers have restored the old train station which is always a popular stopover- but just quietly its a shame the old carriages had to be removed. Heading down the mountain back towards the coast it had seamed that we judged our trip well as the clouds closed in and the rain began to fall. A fantastic day so close to home with so many hidden secrets.