May 1, 2015


While not a hard place to get to, the Fort Grey camping area which is with the Sturt National Park is accessible for all 4wds and soft roaders, but you definatly need to be 100% prepared to come out here as it is a remote area. Generally the ideal time to come out here in the winter-spring months, for several reasons. There is a little more traffic which makes for safer travelling, the days are are cooler with crisp nights and if by chance there has been any rain the area comes alive with the colours of the desert. 
Out here in the most remote part of New South Wales, you need to be well prepared with food, water, fuel, camping gear and a reliable 4wd don’t take anything for granted. It is regarded as the most remote campground in NSW. Fort Grey is located just 30km east of Cameron Corner and is another option for remote camping when exploring the Corner Country of NSW. The red sand dunes and roads cut a striking pose in this area giving for spectacular scenery and photography. The sunsets and sunrises can leave many people in awe out here with their beauty and colours. 

People who say there is nothing out here to see must be bloody blind !!

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