Apr 22, 2015


Here on the north coast we have some of the biggest and best trees that you can find on this continent. From extremely hard red cedar from the Dorrigo plateau ( still regarded as some of the best in the world ), to massive gums, to rainforest figs down to old stands of Tallowood that is estimated at over 800 years old. It’s not until you jump into your fourby and start exploring that you can see just how massive these monsters are. 

Fair enough, we have had fires rip through forest’s and areas logged, but you can still find evidence of these monsters wether the tree lays fallen on the ground or the stumps are still exposed. I couldn’t imagine spending hours cutting one of these down by hand while standing on a board some 15 feet above the ground. Those boys were tough !!

Every now and again we need to get out and look up to appreciate these massive trees that have stood the test of time. If only they could tell a story.

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